Scenic summer drives in Inner Mongolia

Drive 6,600 km from the east to the west along the northernmost road across Inner Mongolia, to discover mysterious grasslands, forests, lakes, wetlands, deserts and historic towns. The 2000-kilometer West Touring Route from Hohhot to Alxa League is recommended.

Xiangshawan [Image Credit: official website of Xiangshawan]

Day 1 About 300 km away, Laoniuwan National Geopark in Qingshuihe County includes the spectacular Yellow River, Great Wall, and an old village. Also, why not take a one-day city tour to Saishang Old Street or Inner Mongolia Museum .

Day 2 Hit the road for 180 km to Xiangshawan, a mega comprehensive resort in east Kubuqi Desert. At 110 meters (361 feet) in height and at a slope of 45 degrees, visit the giant Echo Wall, slide down the dunes, or hold up a handful of sand to hear the sound of a roaring airplane or croaking frog. Camel-riding, desert motorcycling, local marriage customs and excellent cuisine form a further part of 100 entertainment programs are waiting for you to enjoy. Why not drive 100 km and spend the night in interesting Kangbashi District? It is a national AAAA scenic area located in Ordos.

[Image Credit: Official website of the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan.]

Day 3 With a short 30 km drive to Genghis Khan Mausoleum, hear the story of the great warlord and his family, get close to Mongolian cavalry and experience a culture of worship and folk-customs. Then, stop by Qixing Lake Desert Hotel after another 300 km, and top off the day in a hot spring.

Day 4 After 350 km hit the dreamy valley of Alxa Left Banner that combines Yardan and Danxia landforms as well as wind eroded red rocks and steep cliffs, make your way to Bayannur after 100 km in the late afternoon. Day 5 Continue your hinterland cruise with a 240 km drive to Tengger Desert, and ready for an adventure on Moon Lake. Sand surfing, para-gliding, hand gliding, jeep driving, motorbiking and camel riding, beach volleyball, bird watching, hot-springs, and mud treatment… all provide visitors  of all ages with much enjoyment. Camp at night, sit back, relax and listen to the sound of the wind.

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