Scenic summer drives in Inner Mongolia- East Touring Route

Start from Hulun Buir Grassland, via 10 cities such as Tongliao, Chifeng, Xilingol and so on, this scenic summer drives including east, middle and west touring routes will finally end up in Alxa League.

East Touring Route

The northern touring route begins in Evenk Autonomous Banner where one can learn about Mongolia’s fascinating history and culture in the local museum and experience how to make morin khuur (a stringed instrument ) and how to milk livestock when visiting local families.

Day one

Old Barag Banner to Manzhouli

The Russian Doll Plaza. [Image Credit:]

Ease into your trip with the leisurely drive to Jinzhanghan scenic area in Old Barag Banner, just 40 km from the city center. Known for nomadic culture, Jinzhanghan Scenic Area provides impressive cultural performances and ethnic cuisine in Mongolian yurts. Have a rest and set off to Manzhouli. After driving about 160 km, dine at Doll Plaza where one can enjoy Russian classic dance and gourmet food.

Day two

Manzhouli to Arxan City

Take a half-day city tour to Sino-Russian Frontier scenic area to take in the exotic features. Magnificent grassland views will dominate the next 400 km as you drive to Arxan City in Hinggan League, just get your camera ready.

Day Three

Climb Bailang summit, 150 km away from the city center, to trace the remnants of glaciation and primeval forest. Visit Bailang Linsucun, a classic village presenting past work and life scenes of the forest workers in the northeast. Stay the night in Mountain Aer National Forest Park, the perfect spot for relaxation – rosy sunsets, shinning stars. Staying in a local hut is a must.

Crater Lake. Image Credit:]

Day four

Continue to discover Aer Mountain in the mysterious Crater Lake, which never dries out or overflows, where there is no fish and, it is always clear and clean. Visit the splendid Camel Hump Summit and the unique Three Pond Gorge, which is loaded with volcanic lava and covered by flowers, cliff mountain peaks on the left bank and platform basalt lava on the right. Then, in the afternoon go rafting and start an adventure in Halaha River (Khalkhingol).

Day five

Travel from high in the Greater Khingan Mountains to Ulanhot on a 220 km drive. Dine in the city then visit Genghis Khan Temple to learn about the brave cavalry and the nation that hunted on horseback.

Day six

Another 300 km drive will bring you to Tongliao, and stop at Huatugula Town in Horqin Left Middle Banner, home of Empress Xiaozhuang. Enrich the last day of your trip with a visit to Prince Darkhan’s Mansion to get the life story of this Empress and start planning your next route.

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