Moerdaoga National Forest Park, a golden autumn fairyland

Moerdaoga, located in Greater Khingan Range near Erguna City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is well-known for its virgin forest, which happens to be the largest in China.

The Turbulent Round Island in Moerdaoga National Forest Park in autumn. [Image Credit:]

Legend has it that about 800 years ago, Genghis Khan, the father of the Mongolian people, was once on a hunting expedition and was inspired by the spectacular view here. When the sun rose above the mountain where he was at he reportedly shouted to his tribe: “Moerdaoga!” which means to set out for battle on a horse.

The main entrance to Moerdaoga National Forest Park. [Image Credit:]

The park is the best place to view colored autumn leaves in the Greater Khingan Range. South of Hulunbeier Grassland and north of the Russian Ergun boundary river, the forest turns a light yellow and pale red at the end of August, as the leaves of maple, oak, larch and birch draw a colorful picture. It boasts undulating mountains, tall and ancient trees, rich vegetation, and plentiful streams.

A quite road in Moerdoga National Forest Park. [Image Credit:]

Summer here is blessed with blue skies and white clouds while iced peaks, snow covered ranges and frosted pine trees are prevalent during winter months.

A general view of Moerdaoga National Forest Park. [Image Credit:]

There is much more to see other than forest. Erguna, where Moerdaoga sits, contains a wetland park with an undisturbed national eco-system and the only township in China where visitors can experience Russian cultures.

Best time to visit:

Autumn, from September to October.

How to get there:

The nearest train station is in Hailar City, 330km from Moerdaoga.

Long-distance bus travel is available from Hailar to downtown Ergun City, where you could change for a long-distance bus to Moerdaoga.

Entrance Fees:


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