Hainan to become China’s first international tourism island

To tap the region’s tourism potential fully, the Chinese government has set up an ambitious and comprehensive plan to develop the province into an international tourist destination by 2020.

Yalong Bay in Sanya City [Image Credit: VCG]

Sanya City is geared up to be the tourism capital of the province. The city is heavily investing on infrastructure from new roads to high speed that loops around the island – the first of its kind in the world. All while boasting an unsurpassed landscape.

The local five-star hotels rolled out family holiday packages with international-level amenities and activities such as themed camps, water sports, introductions to local culture. A full range of child-friendly facilities are also available to make the experience family-friendly.

Night view of Sanya Bay [Image Credit: VCG]

Sanya also intends to showcase the ethnic culture and natural beauty of the small villages scattered around the city through culture-themed projects. The local government has earmarked 715 million RMB this year for the construction of 16 model tourism villages, each with a distinctive feature.

The Romance Park of SanyaQianguqing [Image Credit: people.com]

The local government is also setting its sights on attracting more international tourists by offering visa-free entry for up to 15 days for groups of five or more people from 26 countries.

More international flights land in Hainan this year. Hainan Airline, the biggest airline in Hainan now has in place a sufficient network of support for the Hainan tourism industry.

Haitang Bay Tax-free Shopping Center [Image Credit: VCG]

The tax-free shopping available to tourists is regarded as one of the most valuable and influential part of the government’s measures to boost local tourism.

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