Chinese Museum of Women and Children advocating female power in China

The Chinese Museum of Women and Children is located at No. 23 Jianguomennei Street, Beijing, China. [Photo by Wang Haonan/Discover China]

The Chinese Museum of Women and Children in Beijing opened to the public in 2010. It is the country’s first national museum focused on women, children and social changes that impact them. The 35,000-square-meter museum includes 11 exhibition halls that showcase women’s art, both ancient and modern.

A traditional Chinese figure painting of a lady is displayed at the Hall of Women’s Art. [Photo by Wang Haonan/Discover China]

The Hall of Contemporary Women showcases the achievements of women in China over the past 60 years while the Hall of Women’s Art houses different forms of embroidery, brocade, paper-cuts, printing and dyeing as well as paintings and calligraphy that pay tribute to the talent, creativeness and artistic sensibilities of Chinese women.

A volunteer is explaining the museum’s collections to local school students. [Photo by Wang Haonan/Discover China]

Local schools often take their students to visit the museum, according to a volunteer. “It is a great opportunity for students to learn more about the role women played in Chinese history,” said Mr. Wang, a parent. “The large collections come from daily life, and the museum successfully manages to represent Chinese history from women’s point of view.”

“It is a huge inspiration for me to learn from all these outstanding women,” said Wen Yi’ning, an elementary school student visiting the museum for the first time.

“The Chinese Museum of Women and Children records the great achievements and development of women over time,” said Liang Hong, director of the museum’s social education department. “Chinese history pays little tribute to women. In our museum, they are the protagonists of history and men and women are portrayed as equals.”

The museum recently held the Female Calligraphy Exhibition and Vision of Females in the first half of 2017, to be followed by a family-themed exhibition and Chinese Women Century Art Exhibition.

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