African foreign student fascinated by China’s errenzhuan performance

Foreign student Kang Site (transliterated from Chinese) performs errenzhuan, a song-and-dance duet which is popular in northeast China. Kang is from Zambia and now a sophomore majoring in finance at Shenyang Normal University in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. Kang has lived in Shenyang for three years and is fluent in the Shenyang dialect. Photo:

Kang often performs errenzhuan with his partner Li Xiao, a teacher from Shenyang Normal University. Kang has become a star in his university, famous for his errenzhuan performance. Photo:

Kang and Li practice errenzhuan. Photo:

Kang performs errenzhuan. Photo:

Kang and Li perform errenzhuan. Photo:

Kang learns errezhuan by watching online videos. Photo: